A Love Letter to Jane


I’m currently working on gathering material together for a twenty year retrospective of Jane’s World. Yes, twenty years! The anthology will be published by Lion Forge and is due for release just in time for New York Comic Con in October. I’ll share more news as the release date gets closer. The working title is “A Love Letter to Jane.”

Sharing a Little UN-fan Mail


This might seem like a weird topic… you know, celebrating UN-fan mail… but I’m in a weird mood today, so here goes… (this post was originally published with a different intro and headline)…

I was reading through some fan mail to pull a couple of funny quotes for a book I’m working on and I came across some really awesome hate mail. (I save the good and the bad.) Don’t worry, I didn’t get all of these in one week or anything, they span about an eight year time frame. The thing is, truly heartfelt hate mail is almost as meaningful as fan mail… it means people care enough about what you’re doing to write to you and complain.

After doing comics for twenty years I now have a much thicker skin than I used to.

Constructive feedback is always welcome. Comics can be a solitary endeavor. It’s easy to lose yourself in your work. Late nights, too much coffee, and going down some rabbit hole of a story line… and then realizing you’ve written yourself into a corner. Jane’s World has always been that kind of creative work. I made a conscious effort not to overthink Jane’s path, and to let her world organically evolve. I think doing that makes what ends up on the page authentic and unfiltered… or, at least, that’s been my goal. Which brings me to some of my most awesome hate mail. I’ve pulled a few of my favorites to share with you. These are all emails I’ve received, without edits.

This first one might be my favorite:

“Dear Paige Braddock,

My assessment of your ‘comic’ strip is that it is not funny.  I accessed it through comics.com, it being recommended to me as something a regular reader of Pearls Before Swine might also enjoy.  First, I don’t like comics, such as yours with a story line that must be followed daily so as to get it.  Next, the three characters that I saw in your ‘comic’ strip are women and as just about everyone knows women have no or a poor sense of humor.  How could you possibly make them funny? Here’s an idea, kill them off by having their planes collide in mid-air and replace them with just about anything else.  

Best wishes, Mr. Edwards”

But wait… there’s more…

“Here’s the problem with you fags. You think you can do anything. If any other comic strip had a guy grabbing a chicks tit it would be banished. But a lezzy doing its OK. Right. Fuck you!” — J.

“I used to enjoy Jane’s World but I’m no longer going to read it because, frankly, you’re a flake. You disappear for months at a time and subject your readers to repeated comics during that time. Your website is sadly out of date. I found a list of publications elsewhere on your website that you claimed run Jane’s World. All the ones I checked did not run your comic. The one I didn’t check was because it was blocked by my antivirus for being a Trojan.” — C.

“You have a lot of talent and Jane’s World has the potential to be a great lesbian comic but you need to grow up and assume some responsibility.” — G.

“The phrase “painfully slow” comes to mind.” — J.


This is why sometimes it’s a relief to simply do jokes about missing socks. Take care, friends. And be kind to one another. I’m happy to report that for every over-the-top angry email, I get a hundred positive messages. Life is good and comics make the world a better place.


There’s no place like home

In case you missed it, Jane was sucked into an alternate reality through a tear in the time space continuum. Beta flew her spaceship through a worm hole so that she and Alt-Jane cold join forces to rescue Real Jane from the clutches of (not so) evil Dorothy. Confused? Oh, wait, and Chelle was in the alternative reality too, channeling Furiosa…jw171121

Alt-Jane had no fear. She confronted her ex-girlfriend, evil Dorothy. (Who stole evil Willow’s outfit, apparently.)




Nothing is as powerful as a donut-shaped circle of Jane’s in red Chucks!


Catching up on Jane!

For some reason there were technical difficulties on the GoComics site (and I’m not ruling out user error) because I started uploading the comics in a different format this week. At any rate, here’s your chance to catch up all in one post. Enjoy 🙂


Five days of Jane

jw170731jw170801The thing about cartooning is that it is a lonely endeavor. Usually you do it at home, at night, after you’re off duty from your day job. If you’re like most cartoonists you do comics around the edges of everything else in your life. That can sometimes get discouraging. Then you attend San Diego Comic Con (or some other similar event) and you’re reminded that you’re not alone and you’re also reminded of how much you LOVE comics. You come home feeling rejuvenated and inspired. At least that was my experience this year. So one day of “Jane” this week on GoComics just wasn’t enough for me. I hope you enjoy the week.

Comic Con 2017 Schedule!

Art vs Artist
Comic Con San Diego starts this week! July 19th! Dude, where did June go?! Preview night is Wednesday and then Thursday is gonna be a crazy day! I’m participating in three panels. I’m listing them here. Come check them out. And as usual, the PEANUTS BOOTH is 1635. We’ve got a new expanded booth this year… come check out Snoopy and his pals:

Marge Dean (WIA co-president, GM at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios), Kristy Scanlan (VP of Business Development, Animation & Games at Technicolor); Co-President WIA), Maggie Malone (VP, creative affairs, Walt Disney Animation Studios), and Jinko Gotoh (executive producer, The Lego Movie Sequel, Warner Animation Group), Kelley Gardner (Sr. Director/EIC, Current Series Animation at Nickelodeon), Angela Petrella (director, writer and producer for animation and virtual reality; “Dear Angelica”), Paige Braddock (Cartoonist, Author, Creative Director; Girl Twirl Comics), Melissa Schneider (EVP Originals and Development at New Form), and Sarah Malkin (VP Digital Development at New Form) discuss female creative talent by format, unconscious bias, and the goal of obtaining 50-50 by 2025, with women sharing equally in the creation, production, and rewards of animation.

Thursday July 20, 2017 10:00am – 11:00am, Room 7AB

Japan has a special relationship with the Peanuts characters, having embraced Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang for nearly five decades. In this discussion, attendees will learn about the unique history of how Peanuts came to Japan and how the unique Japanese culture has embraced the iconic comic strip. Among many other incredible stories, fans will learn which characters are popular and why and discover the origins of the latest Peanuts phenomenon: the Snoopy Museum in Tokyo!
Moderator: Justin Thompson, Senior Artist for Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. Panelists: Paige Braddock, Creative Director for Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates in Santa Rosa, Hiroko Nakamura, Producer at Sony Creative Products Inc. in Tokyo, Lisa Shirai, Senior Director, for International Licensing for Peanuts Worldwide, Daisuke Kusakari, Creative Director of the Snoopy Museum Tokyo, Karen Johnson, the Director of the Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa
Thursday July 20, 2017 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Room 23ABC
Learn about the groundbreaking women featured in the new anthology Femme Magnifique and the creative teams that turned the real-life adventures of these women into comic book stories. Women from politics, art, science, and pop will be featured, as co-curators Shelly Bond (Black Crown) and Kristy Miller (Femme Magnifique) provide sneak peeks at the art and stories. Femme Magnifique creative team members Paige Braddock (Jane’s World), Elsa Charretier (The Unstoppable Wasp), Eva Cabrera (KIM & KIM), Tess Fowler (Rat Queens), Gail Simone (Red Sonja), and more share their experiences creating comic stories based on real-life female heroes. Q&A session.
Thursday July 20, 2017 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Room 11