GoComics Jane’s World reboot!


New Jane’s World comic are appearing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the newly redesigned GoComics site!

For those of you who read the Jane’s World prose novel that came out in June of 2016 (came out… pun intended), you may notice some similarities in the current story line running on GoComics. Yes, Jane did accidentally purchase a mail order bride in the novel, but in the comics form of this narrative, things won’t happen exactly the same way. Some of you might wonder why. Well, because stories don’t translate exactly the same way in different mediums. It just doesn’t work… and anyway, certain changes (and embellishments ) will be funnier for the comic.

Cheers and happy belated 2017!


A reading from the novel!

Jane 6

Happy 4th! In honor of a little extra lounge time this weekend I thought I’d share an excerpt from the new Jane’s World novel, read by yours truly and uploaded on the Lesbian Review podcast channel:


Jane, Jane, Jane!

Jane FacesHello from Jane’s World! Just a quick update to let you know that the new Jane’s World novel is now available everywhere books are sold. That means your local book shop can carry it (and may already have it) and also Amazon. And of course directly from the publisher at BoldStrokesBooks.com

Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

Jane’s World, the novel!

JW book wallpaper

The release date for the Jane’s World novel is June 1st! There are several ways to get the book. The best way is to pre-order from the publisher and it’s available now. (Support indie publishers any chance you get!)

You can pre-order the novel here: Bold Strokes Books

Jane’s World, the Novel

Jane 6

The Case of the Mail Order Bride

I just delivered the manuscript to my editor for the Jane’s World Novel. It’ll be out next year, but I was too excited not to share a little bit about this project now. Yay!

(This is a working version of the cover. Not the final cover. But it’s close! Click to enlarge.)

A new story


I’ve been working on a new concept for a Y/A graphic novel. The hardest part of that (besides the story) is figuring out the cast… the characters. And I usually start with a main character. For me, once I establish that main character then they sort of tell me their story. I guess I’m not one of those cartoonists or writers for whom the story comes first. I always start with character. This character is starting to gel. She’s an LGBT androgynous teen girl. I actually started penciling the first few pages of her story this week. Very exciting. I’m beginning to build her world. That’s the fun part of comics. The previous post shows my starting point for this character, but here’s where I’m ending up.

IMG_7122 IMG_7140