COMING SOON: Peanut, Butter & Crackers

Sketch from Dogs and Cat, sketch of a dog


Peanut, Butter and Crackers is an early reader graphic novel series about Butter, a plump, persnickety cat, who lives with Crackers, a goofy rescue dog. Their peaceful home life is disrupted when Peanut, a rambunctious puppy with overly-big ears arrives on the scene. Peanut is nothing but trouble — trouble that Butter and Crackers have to take care of before “their human” gets home. The series is funny and sweet and great for positively reinforcing ideas about friendship, belonging, sharing, and caring.

Coming in Fall 2020 from Viking Books at Penguin Random House… Stay tuned!

Published by Paige Braddock Comics

Creator of Jane's World, Stinky Cecil, and The Martian Confederacy. Lambda Literary finalist Love Letters to Jane's World by Lion Forge is out:

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