Jane’s World

Eisner-nominated JANE’S WORLD was the first gay-themed work to receive online distribution by a national media syndicate in the US. Now in its 20th year, new installments of the comic strip can continue to be found on GoComics. There are currently 12 volumes of JANE’S WORLD in print.

Braddock released the latest volume in August 2018 as a special anthology celebrating the ground-breaking comic’s 20th anniversary. LOVE LETTERS TO JANE’S WORLD, out now through Lion Forge, collects some of the comic’s most notable storylines and pairs them with love letters from fans and comic creators.




8 thoughts on “Jane’s World

  1. I really love your comic. It’s the closest I’ll come to having a girlfriend. When I go downtown Toronto I’ll go to places and they almost always ask me where’s your boyfriend?


  2. Eric Petitclerc

    Just a straight guy loving your drawings, your stories, the Chelle character and the funny craziness of the world you created…


  3. […] my alter ego, Paige Braddock. This book is a novelization of the long-running lesbian comic strip, Jane’s World. This is a humor book, so the tone and voice are quite different from Whiskey Sunrise or The Time […]


  4. […] special ops agent and ex-girlfriend of Jane); Skye (a vegan waitress); and Dorothy. Dorothy is described by Braddock’s site as Jane’s “on-again, off-again” girlfriend, though […]


  5. I was directed to Jane’s World from reading the recommendations on the FAQ page of “Rhymes With Orange” and now I’m really glad I took the time to poke around that website! Your comic is so much fun, and Jane is a very likable and relatable character. Well, except that I don’t think I’ve ever had so many girls interested in me :P. That art style is really nice, too. Thank you for bringing this bizarre, charming world and this lovely cast of characters to life!


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