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New York Times headline on last Jane's World comic strip
As reported in The New York Times on 10/19/18.

Eisner-nominated Jane’s World was the first gay-themed comic work to receive online distribution by a national media syndicate in the U.S. After completing its 20-year run in 2018, Paige Braddock concluded the comic strip with a life event even its galaxy-traveling protagonist could not have legally pulled off when it first began: Jane married Dorothy.

Jane and Dorothy's wedding
Paige Braddock also released a special anthology with Lion Forge to celebrate the ground-breaking comic’s 20th anniversary, Love Letters to Jane’s World. In 2019 it was selected as a Lambda Literary finalist for best LGBTQ graphic novel. The anthology collects some of the comic’s most notable storylines and pairs them with love letters from fans and comic creators.

Alison Bechdel quote on Jane's World
Installments of the comic strip can continue to be found at GoComics. There are currently 13 volumes of Jane’s World in print. Braddock published the first novel inspired by the comic series in 2016 with Bold Strokes Books.

JW_04     Cover of Jane's World The Case of the Mail Order Bride    Cover of Volume 1 Jane's World    Cover of First Issue Jane's World

Later strip: Jane riding a bike

Later strip: very stormy night

Later comic strip: Jane's trailer is flooded

Later strip: Dorothy proposes to Jane

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  1. I really love your comic. It’s the closest I’ll come to having a girlfriend. When I go downtown Toronto I’ll go to places and they almost always ask me where’s your boyfriend?

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  2. Just a straight guy loving your drawings, your stories, the Chelle character and the funny craziness of the world you created…


  3. I was directed to Jane’s World from reading the recommendations on the FAQ page of “Rhymes With Orange” and now I’m really glad I took the time to poke around that website! Your comic is so much fun, and Jane is a very likable and relatable character. Well, except that I don’t think I’ve ever had so many girls interested in me :P. That art style is really nice, too. Thank you for bringing this bizarre, charming world and this lovely cast of characters to life!