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jw180131UN-fan mail: So I did this post yesterday about hate mail… but “hate” is such an ugly thing, that the headline started to bother my wife, and me… and well, we don’t need more of that word out in the world, especially on social media. So I edited the original post slightly. But the gist of it is the same, the celebration of UN-fan mail. It’s important to come to terms with negative comments, especially as a creative person. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between genuine constructive feedback… (Like, Terry Moore once commented that he liked it when Jane’s World focused on humor, and I listened. Because there was this moment where I got a little more serious and dark.)… and just over-the-top negativity that in all likelihood has nothing to do with a comic strip or you. I’m sure when I first got some of these messages they upset me, but now, over a decade later, looking back at them, they just sound ridiculous. They actually made me laugh out loud yesterday. So, here’s to UN-fan mail and how it can inspire all of us to speak our truth and not give up. Jane’s goal, and mine, has always been to put something good out into the world. That’s not gonna stop because of a few bits of negativity… but still, it’s worth sharing the bad with the good. It helps keep everything in perspective.

I’m convinced that regardless of the negativity we see every day on social media, that people still ultimately care about each other. And that this divisive political season will pass, eventually. I am, after all, catastrophically optimistic. And in the meantime, we still have coffee… and glazed donuts. It’s important to find joy in the simple things.

6 thoughts on “More Thoughts…

  1. I’m with you on the optimism and the glazed doughnuts. And the part about how ridiculous these people can be. Best to ignore them and move on. I love Jane and all the trouble she lands in. I hope you’ll keep doing this for a very, very long time.

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  2. It’s hard to disregard these obviously unhappy people that have nothing better to do but try and make others feel as bad as they feel, but disregard you must or they win. Sometimes I feel sorry for them and wonder what happened in the past that made them be so hateful.

    I hope you fully understand that you of all people don’t deserve this.🙂


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