5 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. The first good news in a month.

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  2. As someone trapped in a world that has attempted to pressure me into becoming someone else, I enjoy Jane’s World. Having been born with a hermaphroditic condition, I don’t come close to fitting in with the LGBT community; they have an agenda that doe not make sense to me most of the time, but as unique individuals (everyone fits that category), they seem to share the feelings of being outcasts in many respects. Like Jane, the pegboard does not have a hole that fits my shape, even when we keep looking, comfort one day does not equate to finding hope, mostly it is a passing whim on someone else s part.

    P.S. I was not aware you were visiting UT, would have loved to come and seen you there, even though I do not enjoy crowds. (I live about an hour and a half east of Knoxville)


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