Jane’s World, the novel! It’s here!

It’s hard to believe that today is June 1st, which means the Jane’s World novel is now available from Bold Strokes Books. There are even advance reviews of the book on their site also.

Jane Sketch

An early sketch of Jane drawn a bit more realistically than the comic.

When I first had the idea of doing a novelization based on the long running comic series I wondered if I could really pull it off. And so I began sketching the comic characters as real people. For example, what would Jane look like if expanded from her 2D comic strip self. Because to do a novel is to not only plot the action (which is usually what happens in the comic) but to also plot the internal motivations of the characters. To write about the thoughts, hopes, fears, insecurities and other little known motivations for each character. To write about these things required unveiling the subtext not fully revealed through the illustrations. Those things have been uncovered in the book, and that was new for Jane.I’m excited for this next chapter in the Jane’s World universe. Change is scary. Change is good. Change is even better when it’s served with donuts.Janes World template.epsCover art: Inks by Paige Braddock, Color by Brian Miller, Design by Sheri

Published by Jane's World

Creator of Jane's World, Peanut, Butter, & Crackers, Stinky Cecil, and The Martian Confederacy. Lambda Literary finalist Love Letters to Jane's World by Lion Forge is out: bit.ly/JaneWithLove.

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