Pure comic fun


I attended LumaCon this past weekend. It’s an event hosted by the Sonoma County Library and if I have my history right, was started to encourage kids to read. This is the only comic convention that I’ve attended that is truly kid-friendly and kid-focused. And in addition to kids, there were also lots of teens creating art, comics and other handmade goods. I left the event feeling very inspired and rejuvenated mostly because the crowd seemed so happy just to be celebrating comics.

Driving in to work this morning it struck me that comics may be the last pure art form. One person with a pen, paper and story to tell can make a comic. And what the reader gets is that creator’s pure, unfiltered “voice.” That’s pretty amazing if you stop and really think about it.

Let’s go make comics!

#LumaCon2016 #Comics



One thought on “Pure comic fun

  1. Yes. And who are these people who insist that comics are and therefore “must” be a “collaborative” medium?

    Unless you have 2 friends who get along great and are “on the same page”, anything else is hack work.

    I’ve seen far too many comics where you have 3 or more writers– and often, the one doing most of the work didn’t even get credited OR PAID for it.


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